Gentleman ft. Sean Paul – Ovaload

Published on August 3, 2017 by admin


Can’t go half-hearted so I went all in
Thumbs up or down and everybody’s talking
Some will love you, some will hate you
But you can’t be everyones darling

Cards on the table, take it or leave, it I don’t give a damn
Say what you wanna say but I know you can’t derail the plan
No comromise cause life is too short, can’t wait until tomorrow
Enjoy my life and I ain’t got no time to drown inside no sorrow

I see the future is bright and pretty
After the rain and storm is over
And it’s bright like lights in the city
Ready fi buss like supernova
We got the heart of a lion not a kitty
Fearless we nuh run for cover
and we nuh turn back we are committed
going full speed and we nuh pull over

Nuh pull over, nuh pull over
You and your negativity fi go overboard
You too badmind that me discover
Your narrow mind deh pon overload

If I would try to please everyone and fit in in every gang
I wouldn’t be me at all
Follow the route and the rising of the sun
and surprising everyone, yes I will follow the call
Neither the critics or praises nor pokerfaces
No you couldn’t built me no wall
I take the bricks and the stones I build a bridge and a road
and me nuh follow no protocall

So do your ting, do your ting, do your ting
Got to be your own king got to be your own king
Never let anyting make you stop progressing
Never let negative stop you from within
Obstacles inna your way just face it
Don’t bother make dem block you from the basics
From you see your dream just get up and chase it
From you got life then you must embrace it


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