Lady Leshurr – F MY EX

Published on December 12, 2017 by admin

F My Ex is the quirky playful track taken from the #MODE EP. This one is for all the battyfish exes!! Produced by Sky Beats & Lady Leshurr. Shot & edited by King Wowa. Buy/stream F MY EX here: Spotify: iTunes: ***LYRICS BELOW*** F MY EX T-SHURRTS ARE UP!!… Models: @lelasimoneta @officialrayerae @iamcarolinaalvarez @iamjasmineanderson ***LYRICS*** Intro Man F my ex man He was just a joker man I don’t even know why I’m even talking about him He was a wasteman anyway Verse 1 I tell my friends F my Ex Couldn’t care less if they f’d my Ex Crossed him out yeah I x’d my Ex Things weren’t right so I left my Ex Likkle man ting he was childish He had a Likkle mans ting he was childish Small like a child’s dish Bank account was on minus Look them ones when he try’s moving to your friends Them ones when he’s always chilling on the ends Them ones when he’s in the passenger seat hollering at girls in his best friends Benz Step your money up have a motive You’re thirsty here’s Volvic And I don’t need any man paying for my hair closures Chorus F my ex x8 Bridge Why did you bring him? Why did you bring him to me? x4 Verse 2 My ex was stress Stress for my breast So I told him it’s over via text Move house moved on to the next I’m way up blessed Didn’t think I was impressed When he showed up at my address I was like hold on a minute what are you doing? What are you doing? I was like don’t even finish stop what your doing look stop what you’re doing Cus I don’t even want you no more I don’t even want to know more Delete my number don’t call Why did you bring him Oh Lord I’m like Oh Lord Chorus F My Ex x8 Why did you bring him? Why did you bring him to me? x4

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